Hair of the dog that bit me.

This journey was sparked by the founder of the Parasight13 production Michael R. Izelle during a spirited creative meeting of the minds.  More than fifteen years ago, Michael proposed the continued journey of an individual who would be the sole survivor of a pandemic Zombie-caused human extinction event loosely based on Richard Matheson’s  'I Am Legend’s' (1954) central character, Robert Neville, the apparent sole survivor of a pandemic Vampire-like virus caused human extinction event. Throw in many hitches and curves while throwing back many shots, Aden was born, doomed with hybrid Human-Zombie DNA. Analogous to most branches of the Zombie-apocalypse tree, humanity’s true nature during these challenging times shines or eclipse, depending on the definition of survival. Uniquely crafted is Aden’s character, a child born from ironic obscure circumstances, raised by elderly caregivers and budding in young adulthood largely without any human contact. When he finally crosses paths with possibly the last human outpost would he regret his deepest desires to be with other humans or will other humans regret ever crossing paths with Aden?
Now partnered with accomplished Illustration Artist, Thomas Legaspi, Aden's character as Nothingman, a lone survivor in a world with seemingly little to offer, comes to life.  
As you bear witness to Aden’s plight, you may discover that the 'Dark Side' is quite often a necessary evil and all good intentions are paved in some shape or form by copious amounts of blood.
Enjoy the Nothing Man Saga.